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Since 2019, we have been performing the finest, award-winning classic car restoration as well as detailing in our region. Once you visit our shop you are going to find a healthy mix of European along with American cars. Some of the many projects we decided to accept are family cars which have a sentimental value attached to them.

It is fun to bring all these cars back to life, by recondition them. Known that we are helping to preserve some family history for the next generation is one of the most enthralling feelings we could ever experience. We also refurbish several seven figure limited production such as Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes and other investment cars.

These automobiles are extremely complex restoration projects which are often displayed in places such as Pebble Beach, and Cavallino to name a few. It takes extensive research and utmost dedication by our team in order to bring these cars from a frequently very second hand condition to being the winner at any national level event.

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Alfitianis’ goal is to carry forward the tradition of honesty, attention to detail and integrity based on decades of industry experience. Our dedicated team of craftsmen are committed to satisfying each and every client, along with offering a valuable experience even after the service is complete.

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